International Academy for Film Acting students
International Academy for Film Acting students

Stan's classes replicate the actual audition experience and are designed to teach and solidify those specific skills that will consistently result in successful readings: making choices, expanding emotional range, engaging the actor’s imagination, learning solid, dependable technique.

Audition scripts are derived from actual TV and film scripts that cover a range of styles and all scenes, commercial copy, and monologues are recorded in HD and played back for review. 

Sides are emailed to the actors in advance of the first class, allowing actors adequate time to prepare, and roles are assigned not only because they are appropriate casting for the actors but also because they will stretch the actors in challenging directions.

Following the initial readings, actors work with Stan on specifics: defining beats, explicit character choices, playing precise objectives, believability, emotional grounding, spontaneity, improvisational skills.

Actors are also given the opportunity to work on material of their own choosing (including their own upcoming audition material). Stan’s classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students to ensure that each actor has adequate time to work in every class.

TEL: 510.558.3121 / CELL: 323.930.2424.