Every audition is important because, even if you're wrong for the role, it's an opportunity to show them your talent and ability. If you give a powerful, polished reading they'll remember you. And if you don’t – they'll remember that too. Rehearsing with a skilled acting coach prior to an audition gives an actor a definite advantage. The actor is fully prepared to give an appropriate, creative performance and do so with confidence.

Stan is available for private coaching sessions and private one-on-one acting classes by appointment at his home in the East Bay (Richmond Annex). The cost for audition coaching, including self-tapes and remote computer coaching (Skype or Facetime), and for one-on-one acting classes (usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours) is $100.

Please email the sides and breakdown info to Stan in advance of coaching sessions and, whenever possible, actors should come to the coaching sessions and private acting classes fully memorized (see Audition Prep).

Private coaching sessions and one-on-one acting classes can be scheduled by calling 510.558.3121, 323.930.2424 or by email at

Kristian Capalik & Emily Adams
Kristian Capalik & Emily Adams